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Complexions Artistry Tanning offers its clients a unique experience from any other in the area because we can come to you*. A Beverly Hills trained and certified technician will come to your home, office or group gathering with everything needed for your airbrush tan experience. A fully ventilated enclosure will take only minutes to set up. After choosing the right colour for your skin, we spray your entire body using the airbrush unit and then we spray your hands, feet and face for fine tuning. Finally, your tan should be dry within minutes. No more standing in front of a fan for twenty minutes to dry. It takes approximately ten minutes to demobilize our equipment and leave you with the beautiful tan you deserve.

* Min amount of 2 people are required for services to come to you, a service charge applies for onsite services for one person, please enquire for more details.
**Onsite services are by appointment only, please enquire and check out our Facebook page here to see when we will be out and about and any last minute deals.

Pricing, Packages & Treatments

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Slimming Treatment & Cellulite Treatment
This treatment works to instantly tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Using this treatment every 2 to 3 weeks mixed in with your tan will produce a very nice result. The instant effect will be the appearance of tighter, more toned looking and feeling skin. The solution adheres to and coats the fat cells in your body. The coating prevents the fat cells from “sticking” together and forming fat pockets under the surface of your skin, cellulite.
Exfoliating & Moisturizing Treatment
This treatment is ideal for those who desire a deeper, more golden looking tan. Tanners will generally have a deeper tan for about 2 additional days. This treatment also balances the PH level on the surface of the skin. Should you sweat, have oily skin, trace amounts of make-up, soap, shampoo, conditioner, or lotions on your skin, this will equalize the skin and ensure the tan develops evenly. This treatment is also a must for those who tend to have dry skin, especially in the winter. Dry skin will cause a tan to fade much faster, and possibly uneven. If a tanner has not exfoliated prior to the tanning session, a mild exfoliation will also occur. This is an all-around refreshing, luxury, and soothing treatment. Your skin will be left feeling baby soft with a perfect colour.


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